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  1. As Hollywood Embraces Diversity, Jobs for Female Directors Remain Sparse
    After years of being called to task for sidelining female filmmakers, studios as a whole continue to rely overwhelmingly on men to lead productions.
  2. ‘Shazam!’ Keeps Box-Office Lead as ‘Hellboy’ Flounders
    “Little,” a comedy in the kid-adult switcheroo tradition of “Big” and “Freaky Friday,” came in second place.
  3. Warner Bros. Chief Quits Amid Inquiry Into Whether He Helped Actress Get Roles
    WarnerMedia had started an investigation into allegations that Kevin Tsujihara had pushed for a woman with whom he had a sexual relationship to be considered for films and TV shows.
  4. ‘Extra’ Host A.J. Calloway Suspended Following Sexual Assault Allegations
    Warner Bros. said Mr. Calloway was “suspended pending further review.” At least three women have accused him of misconduct in the past year.
  5. ‘Aquaman’ Keeps Its Box-Office Lead as ‘Mary Poppins’ Gets a Holiday Boost
    “Mary Poppins Returns” saw an increase in ticket sales during its second week in theaters. It’s one of several films that benefited from a post-holiday bump.
  6. ‘Aquaman’ Is Already a Box Office Titan
    The superhero movie took in $94 million in China, validating a risky distribution strategy. It arrives in the United States and Canada on Dec. 21.
  7. ‘Mowgli’: A Gloomier ‘Jungle Book’ Finally Sees the Light of Day
    Undercut by Disney. Delayed for years. Dropped by Warner Bros. Andy Serkis’s big-budget adaptation had a long and difficult journey to Netflix.
  8. Satanic Temple Settles Lawsuit Over Goat-Headed Statue in ‘Sabrina’
    The temple, which accused Netflix and Warner Bros. of copyright infringement, will be credited in episodes of the show that have already been filmed.
  9. Satanic Temple Sues Over Goat-Headed Statue in ‘Sabrina’ Series
    The temple objects to the Netflix show’s use of the muscled character with angel wings, alleging copyright infringement.
  10. Aretha Franklin Gospel Film Finally Has a Release Date, 46 Years After It Was Made
    An Oscar push is planned for “Amazing Grace,” which captures a transcendent performance by the Queen of Soul at a Baptist church in Los Angeles in 1972.


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