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  1. Ellen DeGeneres Returns to Show With Apology for Toxic Workplace
    “Things happen here that never should have happened,” the host says. Warner Bros. started investigating her show in July, after complaints of a toxic workplace culture. Three top producers have been ousted.
  2. A Danish Children’s TV Show Has This Message: ‘Normal Bodies Look Like This’
    The program aims to counter social media that bombards young people with images of perfect bodies.
  3. Movie Theaters Returned. Audiences Didn’t. Now What?
    People aren’t going to the movies at anywhere close to the numbers that Hollywood hoped, prompting studios to postpone more big releases. Marvel’s “Black Widow” could be the next to retreat.
  4. A Former TMZ Host Claims the Gossip Outlet Had a Toxic Workplace
    In a discrimination complaint, Bernadette Zilio says women were mistreated at the celebrity-news powerhouse led by Harvey Levin.
  5. Writers Mutiny at ‘All Rise,’ the Rare CBS Show With a Black Female Lead
    Five have left the drama, whose white show runner, Greg Spottiswood, had disputes with the staff over its depictions of race and gender. He kept his job after reviews by human resources.
  6. Ellen DeGeneres Tells Her Staff That 3 Top Producers Are Out
    After former employees described a toxic workplace, the facade is cracking at her namesake talk show.
  7. Christopher Nolan Says ‘Tenet’ Will Come Out This Summer. Should It?
    The director had hoped to aid theater owners imperiled by the pandemic, but his oft-delayed film may be prolonging their pain.
  8. Italy’s Outdoor Summer Movies See Threat From Ailing Film Industry
    A longstanding dispute between film distributors and associations that show outdoor films for free comes to a head as the industry reels from a post-coronavirus downturn.
  9. Don’t Forget That Joel Schumacher Briefly Saved Batman
    Schumacher’s flash and style may well have rescued the franchise. (And then, two years later, nearly sank it.)
  10. ‘Tenet,’ Expected to Signal Hollywood’s Return, Is Pushed Back
    The Christopher Nolan film will open on July 31 instead of July 17, meaning Disney’s “Mulan” will be the first big movie released since the pandemic closed theaters. Unless it also moves.


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