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Planet Hollywood Hosts Las Vegas Premiere of CBS Films ’The Mechanic'

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By Judy Thorburn 

Las Vegas Round The Clock -
Women's Film Critic Circle -
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Planet Hollywood Hosts Las Vegas Premiere of CBS Films ’The Mechanic'

Planet Hollywood hosted the Las Vegas premiere of the new action film, “The Mechanic” (a remake of the 1972 original starring Charles Bronson) starring Jason Statham and Ben Foster on Wednesday night, January 26. Prior to the premiere, a portion of Las Vegas Blvd. just outside the property was shut down for a motor stunt performed by Statham.

Immediately after making a grand entrance out of the red sports car featured in the film, Statham joined the action inside where he and other celebrities walked the red carpet before entering the Chi Theatre for the special screening. Among the notable arrivals who stopped for a quick photo op were the film’s star, Jason Staham, director Simon West and his wife Amadea, producer Avi Lerner, actress Christa Campbell, actor Jason Flemyng, singer/actor Joey Fatone, Peep Show and Holly’s World star Holly Madison, WFC champion/actor Randy Couture, Holly’s World co-star Laura Croft, May 1999 Playboy Playmate Tishara Lee Causino and comedy magician Nathan Burton.

Jason Statham and Jason Flemyng
Photo credit: Erik Kabik/RETNA

Jason Statham
Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn

Jason Statham
Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn

Jason Flemyng
Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn

Christa Campbell
Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn

Producer Avi Lerner and Heidi Jo Markel
Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn

Simon West and wife Amadea

May 1999 Playboy Playmate Tishara Lee Causino
Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn

Joey Fatone
Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn

WFC champion/actor Randy Couture with son Ryan
Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn

Comedy Magician Nathan Burton and friend
Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn

Laura Croft
Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn

Peepshow star Holly Madison
Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn

Before the movie started the director, Simon West, producer Avi Lerner and star Jason Statham appeared on stage and addressed the audience.  “This is my fourth premiere here (at Planet Hollywood) and my first movie with the director, Simon West”, said Lerner.  West then joked, “The last director of the original film is now working as a restaurant critic.  I guess I can always fall back on that, if it doesn’t go well tonight”.  Before introducing Statham, West informed the audience (in reference to Statham’s dangerous stunts featured in the movie),  “Jason did every nasty stunt in the movie.”

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